Dramatically speed up your senior living move-ins

Sales and Marketing teams spend too much time chasing down paperwork. It’s time to upgrade to August Health’s digital move-ins with e-signature.
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92% of customers say move-ins are faster with August Health

Trusted by top senior living operators

Make the move to paperless move-ins with August Health

Ditch paper packets

Ditch paper packets

Spend more time selling — digitized move-ins eliminate tedious work like chasing signatures or photocopying.
Grow your revenue

Grow your revenue

Reduce move-in delays and improve occupancy with a simple digital workflow and easy e-signatures.
Make a great first impression

Impress families

Make a great first impression with families through your modern, painless move-in experience.
Streamline compliance

Streamline compliance

Ensure move-in documents are complete, secure, and compliant with our centralized document management.

Getting started is easy


Send us your move-in packet

We’ll convert your paperwork into a set of digital tasks. 


Share tasks with your next move-in

One click sends move-in tasks instantly to families via email.


Pat yourself on the back

You’re all set. You’ll have full visibility as families complete move-in tasks.

“Move-ins now take a fraction of the time they used to.”

Modernizing move-ins with August Health

Learn how CiminoCare saves 80 hours a month on move-ins

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