As senior living operators seek to increase their occupancy rates, they’re investing holistically — in their brands, their buildings, and their sales and marketing teams. One common strategy? Operators are transitioning from paper move-in packets to digital move-in experiences. 

The August Health platform enables paperless move-ins, which unlock a range of benefits for residents, families, and communities - including some that extend well beyond the move-in process itself. Let’s dig into the core reasons why operators are “going paperless”.

Make a strong first impression

Paperless move-ins make a great first impression, as they offer families a seamless alternative to the hassles of completing a 100+ page paper packet. A digital move-in experience also provides early proof to families that your community is advanced and efficient. As tech-empowered prospective residents and their digitally-native children explore senior living options, it’s particularly important that your community proves its technological capabilities through touchpoints like paperless move-ins.

Connect with new residents and families 

Paperless doesn’t mean impersonal. While some communities believe reviewing paper move-in documents with families facilitates relationship-building, in reality, digital move-ins let you have meaningful conversations with new residents and families without the distraction and stress of reviewing a giant stack of paperwork.

Improve compliance

Digital move-ins offer huge benefits from a compliance standpoint. Your move-in document management is automated, so no critical resident information is missed during the move-in process. Instead, complete data is gathered on every resident from day one. Replacing stacks of paper with digital forms that have built-in checks and balances allows communities to avoid common mistakes (and related risks), such as missed signatures or incomplete paperwork.

Reduce administrative overhead

Paperless move-ins can be completed in a fraction of the time that paper move-ins require. At August Health, our paperless move-ins take up to 80% less time, with 92% of customers saying move-ins are faster with our software. This allows your staff to prioritize critical initiatives instead of juggling stacks of paperwork or tracking down signatures. Instead, Sales and Marketing teams can focus on outreach and occupancy goals, and Executive Directors can focus on providing optimal care to residents.

Streamline operational efficiency

With August Health Move-Ins, resident information provided during move-ins instantly flows into residents’ assessments and care plans in the August Health EHR platform. This means that resident data does not need to be reentered into any part of the platform, and is centrally available to staff. Between eliminating duplicate data entry and making resident information more accessible, digital move-ins increase your operational efficiency well beyond the actual move-in process itself.

Grow occupancy

All of the benefits outlined above are valuable, but we know that increasing occupancy is a top priority for most operators in 2023. Thus, anyone focused on growing their resident numbers should quickly adopt paperless move-ins: By speeding up the move-in paperwork process, operators can move new residents in more quickly. In many cases, residents move in several days earlier with paperless move-ins — reducing the amount of time a room or bed is unoccupied.

Paperless move-ins with August Health

August Health enables you to deliver a digital move-in experience that wows new residents and families, while making your staff more efficient as well. Switching to paperless move-ins is simple with August Health — most communities can do so within a week. Learn more about why operators make the move to paperless move-ins with August Health, or reach out for a 15-minute demo below.

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