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Featuring Senior living sales expert Julie Podewitz, Founder, Grow Your Occupancy

Removing barriers and accelerating sales

Your differentiation strategy for winning residents and growing occupancy.

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What differentiation looks like in 2023

Every senior living community needs to identify their unique strengths.

Misconceptions about differentiation 

Understand what is differentiation versus a must-have offering.

How new and legacy senior living properties differ

One is not necessarily better than the other and each have their benefits.

Stand out to new prospects

The family looking for senior living today differs from previous generations.

This whitepaper also provides

Make a great first impression

3 popular differentiation strategies

Senior living communities can adopt three highly effective strategies to stand out in the competitive landscape of 2023.
Streamline compliance

Tips from Sales & Marketing leaders

Learn about special personal touches that allow your community to create memorable experiences for the prospect.

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Removing barriers and accelerating sales