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August Health eMAR

Our smarter, fully-integrated eMAR dramatically improves your medication management and clinical operations.

“Our team is going to be better, more nimble, prone to fewer mistakes because we've transitioned to this new eMAR.”

Monica Reveles, Leader of Team & Culture Support, Parsons Group Inc.

A best-in-class eMAR, for best-in-class care

Reduce risk

Purpose-built to reduce errors such as duplicate orders, flag emerging risks, and improve safety.

Support your staff

Intuitive design and smart workflows position your med techs for safe medication passes.

Get unmatched insights

Detailed medication and care reporting is presented with EHR data for holistic intelligence.

Your medications management control center

Our MedPass Dashboard provides real-time visibility into medication distribution.

Track med passes

Get a live view of med passes, with granular visibility at the cart and building level.

Reduce missed meds

Missed meds and exceptions are proactively flagged to reduce errors and MAR holes.

Balance workloads

Detailed insights and visuals help you rebalance med passes and optimize staffing.

The system your staff needs

Easy enough for your newest med tech, powerful enough for your savviest nurse. Clinical teams love our intuitive tools with built-in intelligence.
  • Automatically track PRN administration for safer PRN handling. 
  • Streamline ordering with 1-touch refill requests, right in the app.
  • Rely on smart meds matching to detect med list duplicates.

A unified platform for modern care strategies

Connected care data

Data flows between our eMAR and EHR, ensuring that clinical teams have complete, up-to-date care information for every resident.

Next-generation insights

August Health’s integrated eMAR allows for new, holistic resident insights that draw from uniquely-combined medications and care data.

Key capabilities

Fully-integrated with the August Health EHR
Intelligent PRN handling
Duplicate order detection
Detailed analytics and reporting
Operational insights
Med pass rebalancing
Online and offline access
Rapid implementation
User trainings take an hour or less
Med pass rebalancing
Online and offline access
Rapid implementation
User trainings take an hour or less


The August Health eMAR integrates with leading pharmacy software.

Ready for August Health? You are in great company.