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August Health Insights

Proactive intelligence and advanced analytics for senior living

“I’ve not seen tools this user-friendly and insightful. You aren’t just handed a bunch of clunky reports. It’s always up-to-date, actionable information that previously took days or months to bring together.”

Benjamin Surmi, Director of Education & Culture, Koelsch Communities

Your operating strategy is only as good as the data that’s driving it

Designed by senior living leaders and data scientists, August Health Insights provides advanced intelligence that lets you operate superior communities.

  • Do our assessments accurately track resident needs?
  • How consistent are my assessors?
  • Is our compliance documentation up-to-date?
  • Why do certain communities have so many incidents?
  • Are we logging PRN care effectively?
  • Why is this resident on the Watchlist?

All of your data at your fingertips

Get real-time visibility into resident acuity, incidents, and occupancy for every building across your portfolio.


Track your portfolio with a building-by-building census that details every move-in and move-out. 


Analyze acuity to surface overdue assessments so you can staff communities effectively.


Reduce incidents by finding trends with advanced filtering by type, time of day, shift, and more.

Proactive insights for proactive care

By continuously scanning resident data, we detect emerging risks for you.

Resident Watchlist

First-of-its-kind predictive intelligence that identifies and tracks rising risk residents across your communities.

  • Recommend high-value service plan updates
  • Surface incident trends (such as falls or skin issues)
  • Catch significant weight change

All the capabilities you need to make your data as useful as possible

Ditch paper packets

Out of the box

August Health Insights are pre-wired and instantly available.
Streamline compliance

Fully customizable

We’ll help you build the reports that you or your stakeholders need.

Easy exporting

Export specific data or charts in any format.

Built-in permissions

Role-based controls allow you to manage data access.

Ready for August Health Insights? You’re in good company.