Earlier this summer, we partnered with Bickford Senior Living, a family-owned and operated senior living organization based in Olathe, Kansas that operates 60 communities across 9 states. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that August Health is live in Bickford’s Virginia communities and actively driving value for their residents and staff. The Bickford team leverages August Health to help support compliance with Virginia’s detailed Assisted Living regulations, including streamlining completion of the State’s Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI) and Individualized Service Plan (ISP). For many senior living communities in Virginia, completion of the state forms necessitates duplicate data entry – a tedious, time-consuming process that August Health eliminates.

Our team is thrilled to share that through working with Bickford Senior Living’s Virginia communities, we have fully digitized and automated the Uniform Assessment Instrument and Individualized Service Plans

August Health is a game changer for us. Our team was blown away - it eliminates redundant tasks, streamlines tedious Virginia compliance requirements, and frees up our staff to do the work they most enjoy: engaging with our residents” - Michelle Adam, VP of Health and Wellness, Bickford Senior Living

Given the successful launch in Virginia, Bickford Senior Living will implement August Health’s modern EHR platform across additional states this Fall, continuing its national rollout. We’re fortunate to be working with organizations like Bickford Senior Living that have a deep understanding and appreciation for how modern technology can enhance the lives of residents and staff. 

August Health

August Health