How digital move-ins save CiminoCare up to 80 hours per month



Paper move-in packets

CiminoCare, a senior living community owner and operator in Northern California, was beset by complex move-in processes. CiminoCare’s staff relied on paper move-in documentation, forcing talented team members to spend hours every month photocopying and signing documents.

The extensive move-in packets resulted in piles of paperwork and even errors, as administrators dealt with missed signatures and lost documents.

Time-intensive signing processes

Residents’ families were overwhelmed by the paper move-in packets and often required several days to complete the documents. Document signing meetings could take multiple hours for families and administrators. Both administrators and families grew frustrated having to write the same information across multiple forms.

Family inconvenience

Local families had to travel to the community to fill out paperwork in person. If families lived farther away, documents had to be mailed back and forth — causing additional inconvenience and delay — or families had to complete and scan a 100-page packet.

All of these challenges resulted in delayed move-ins, ultimately affecting community occupancy rates and CiminoCare’s bottom line.


Digitized move-ins

By partnering with August Health, CiminoCare now offers a completely digitized move-in experience. The switch has radically sped up and simplified move-ins. Across nine communities, staff now save up to a combined 80 hours per month on move-ins — valuable time that can instead be spent caring for residents.

With fully-digitized move-in packets, documents cannot be lost, and required signatures cannot be missed.

No more redundant data entry

Time is no longer wasted on redundant data entry – the same information never has to be entered twice. Resident data automatically flows from move-in packets directly to the rest of the August Health resident care platform, removing the need to transcribe the same resident information into Face Sheets, the Resident Roster, or Care Plans.

Strong first impressions with families

This modernized move-in experience also allows CiminoCare communities to make a strong first impression with new families, who can now e-sign move-in packets in just a few clicks.

Move-ins powered by August Health are faster, easier, and overwhelmingly better for CiminoCare’s business, their communities and administrators, and the families they serve.


92% of August Health users say move-ins are faster with August Health.

Are you ready for faster move-ins?

“Move-ins now take a fraction of the time they used to.”
Staff member
Carefield Living
80 hours
Total potential time savings per month across CiminoCare communities
CiminoCare move-ins are now done 100% digitally
3 clicks
Average number of clicks now required for e-signing family paperwork
August Health

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