We recently participated in a webinar hosted by iN2L + LifeLoop, “Creating a Digital Age for Senior Living: The Future of Senior Care.” The conversation featured August Health Co-Founder and Co-CEO Erez Cohen, iN2L + LifeLoop CEO Navin Gupta, and WelcomeHome Software CEO John Lariccia.

The webinar focused on insights these leaders have learned building technology for the senior living industry as well as where they see the industry going. Check out the video above to watch the entire webinar, or continue reading for a few key takeaways.

The next generation of senior living staff expect easy-to-use, modern technology

Legacy technology in senior living can often be difficult and clunky to use. In the webinar, Erez Cohen, August Health’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, articulated how these legacy technologies may cause problems as a new generation of staff enter senior living: “if the product isn’t tech friendly or as easy-to-use as the apps they’re used to using on their phone, it’s going to add friction to their jobs and make it harder for them to take care of residents.” Operators that adopt modern technology solutions will enable their staff to do their jobs more effectively and provide better care to their residents.

Sales and marketing in senior living is shifting to digital

In senior living today, sales and marketing is increasingly moving to digital channels. As John Lariccia, WelcomeHome Software’s CEO stated, “if you go back even five years ago, less than half of the leads were coming through a digital source.” Today, that’s much different. Sales and marketing leaders that leverage modern technology, like marketing automation systems, CRMs, and Paperless Move-Ins, are going to capture more leads, accelerate sales cycles, and increase conversion rates. 

The expectations of seniors and their families are changing

As the silver tsunami arrives and more baby boomers enter senior living communities, the expectations of seniors considering senior living is changing. In the webinar, Navin Gupta, CEO of LifeLoop + iN2L, talked about one reason this change is happening, “where in the past there was limited digital fluency amongst seniors, now they’re highly digitally anchored.” As a result, everything in senior living - from how seniors are marketed and sold to, to how care is delivered, documented, and communicated to family members, to how residents are engaged - must evolve to meet these changing expectations. 

Technology products in senior living need to be easier to implement

Legacy technology implementations in senior living have often been really long and hard processes. Erez Cohen believes that this is one reason operators have been hesitant to adopt new technologies: “I think some of these legacy software companies haven’t made implementation a key part of their product” and goes on to say that as technology continues to enter the senior living industry, the products that get adopted and succeed won’t just be the ones that are easy-to-use, but will also be the ones that are easy-to-implement. At August Health, we believe implementation isn’t something that comes after the product, but is a key piece of the product as well. See how Koelsch Communities implemented August Health’s modern EHR platform in 40 communities in under 100 days.

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