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80% of staff are more satisfied in their roles because of August Health

Facing unprecedented staffing challenges, Senior Living administrators are laser-focused on hiring and retaining an engaged team.

Staff dissatisfaction is a costly problem — replacing direct care workers can cost up to $5000 per hire1.

Large senior living operators can easily face six-figure costs annually due to staff turnover.

Improving staff satisfaction requires a holistic approach, and thoughtful technology investments play a key role. Equipping your staff with best-in-class software sends a clear signal about how much you value their work.

A recent survey revealed 80% of staff members are more satisfied in their roles and workplaces because of August Health.

1 Leading Age, “Turnover Cost Calculator”

August Health saves time

93% of staff save time every month because of August Health.
  • Staff members spend less time on administrative tasks with August Health’s digitized paperwork. Resident information automatically updates throughout the app, which frees up more caregiver time. These time savings allow staff to focus on what gives their roles purpose — delivering quality care to residents.

August Health reduces stress

78% of staff say August Health has reduced their stress.
  • Workplace stress plays a large role in staff turnover. Designed by senior living professionals and world class Silicon Valley designers, August Health decreases stress across the spectrum of daily responsibilities — from reducing endless manual paperwork to eliminating the anxiety of missed compliance tasks.

August Health saves time

90% of staff state that August Health is more user friendly than other senior living software.
  • Our users enjoy using August Health and appreciate its simple user experience. Unlike legacy tools, which were often built for different industries, August Health is specifically designed to empower senior living workflows with the absolute minimum training required.

“I want to stay in senior living now. This takes off all the load.”

Staff member
Carefield Living

80% of August Health users would prefer to work at communities that use August Health in the future.

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