Thinking of upgrading your outdated platform but daunted by the process? Here’s how August Health makes implementation quick and simple for our customers. 

1. To start, our team will import resident data from your existing tools and digitize your move-in paperwork. We offer additional services if you need extra help gathering resident data. As an added benefit, your digitized move-in packet can be used to sign your next resident even before the full data transfer is complete. 

2. After reviewing your data for accuracy and completion, you will perform a handful of patient test assessments in order to align our acuity scales and measures with yours. 

3. Finally, our team will spend an hour or less training  each of your teams to use August Health, and you’re ready to go live! 

What it’s like to implement August Health

Our customer, WellQuest of Menifee Lakes, was eager to move beyond their outdated software and their reliance on paperwork. We kicked off implementation for this 100-resident community on September 27 and went live on November 1 — with 29,000+ historical progress notes.

Their med techs were fully prepared to navigate the August Health platform after a quick five-minute video. By the end of the first week on the platform, 12 residents were placed on alert charting, 4 incidents were created, and 226 compliance-related tasks were completed and tracked without difficulty. 

Implementation FAQs

What data and documents do we need to provide?

You only need to provide your move-in packets and resident data for us to digitize and import onto our platform. We have state licensing documents all ready to go for you. 

How long does staff  training take?

After watching a five-minute video, med techs are fully prepared to use the August platform. For sales, clinical, and administrative departments, we provide one-hour training sessions tailored to their specific roles. Should any questions arise after training, our customer success team is available to quickly respond. 

Our staff is overwhelmed as it is, so the prospect of learning new software feels daunting. How can we get their buy-in?

Our ramp-up period is brief, our training is quick, and our platform is so easy to use that staff are likely to be relieved by the transition. They’ll also be reassured by the fact that 93% of users save time with August Health and 80% of staff are happier in their roles and workplaces because of August Health

Some of our clients are unfamiliar with technology and may not feel comfortable with the digital paperwork. What do you suggest?

Clients and families can fill out the digital paperwork in person with you so that they feel at ease with the process. There is also always the option to print out documents and upload them to August Health as well. 

What if we’re transitioning from a different senior living resident care tool?

We’ve transitioned customers from several legacy senior living software platforms. Your August Health contact can set up reference calls as needed if you'd like to speak directly with a customer about their experience transitioning to August Health.

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