Today we’re launching August Health Insights, a real-time system for advanced care and operational intelligence that enables senior living operators to proactively address emerging risks and unmet resident care needs.

We regularly hear from operators that they struggle to access and operationalize essential data about their communities. As a result, operators find themselves caught off guard, reacting to issues that could have been resolved much earlier had they had timely access to the appropriate intelligence.

August Health Insights transforms that reality, as a purpose-built system that ensures operators can proactively address emerging trends and stay a step ahead. As Bickford Senior Living CEO Andy Eby, describes, “The August Health Insights system is the fundamental difference between reactive and proactive care.”

August Health Insights enables operators to be proactive through three core capabilities:

  1. Providing real-time visibility into community care and operations

With August Health Insights, operators have all of their data at their fingertips to get a real-time understanding of census, acuity, incidents, and care revenue.

  1. Identifying emerging operational risks and significant variations across communities

Operators can instantly compare community data to identify outliers that warrant further analysis. For instance, a COO can easily pinpoint buildings with lower-than-expected acuity, which could indicate persistent resident underassessment, staffing imbalances, and missed care revenue capture.

  1. Preemptively detecting and flagging rising risk residents and incident clusters

August Health Insights continuously scans communities’ data, proactively identifying risks and patterns that need attention. Our first-of-its-kind Resident Watchlist is one such example — it automatically flags high-risk and rising risk residents, enabling operators to proactively intervene and support your most vulnerable residents.

August Health Insights is easy-to-use and can be leveraged by everyone — from Executive Directors to members of the C-Suite. The system is available out of the box as part of our EHR platform, complete with fully customizable reports and 1-click exporting for maximum utility. 

For more information, please visit the August Health Insights web page. If you’d like to get a live demo of August Health Insights, please reach out below to schedule time with our team.

August Health

August Health